It Only Makes Cents

I know we are all obsessed with financial security and becoming debt-free. There are hundreds of blogs that can help you inch yourself closer to your goal but they are all lacking one thing. They are lacking REAL-LIFE SCENARIOS. I’m inviting you to join me on my quest to reach this goal. Unlike other bloggers I think in order to get a better understanding on how to achieve a goal all essential information needs to be given. Yes I’m talking about my DEBTS and INCOME. I plan of giving an in-depth breakdown of what’s going in and going out. This is way its only cents to welcome you into my life so we can learn and benefit from this experience. While in the subject of benefiting I have an incentive for readers below at the end of my post.

About Me



Now that I have you attention my name is Keyonte’ currently 25, new to blogging and a Detroit MI native. I know the face doesn’t match the number but it’s something I can’t help.I recently graduated college this year. I currently work in IT as a Computer Support Analyst. I bought my first home at 23 and looking to pay it within the next two years. My purpose of blogging is to help others no matter your background improve the financial space their currently in and learn a few skills while in the process. Below is a few topics my blog touch bases on.


  • Making Extra Income (Best Practices)
  • DIY Projects
  • Bill Reduction
  • Saving Money
  • Technology of course

As promised I thought it would be a great idea to set mile-stone for my blogs and as I reach those goals what better way to THANK YOU than to give reader an incentive for subscribing and staying active. End of each month I will share my page view and raffle off items as a way to show my appreciation. I will give readers a few prizes (Gift Cards, SSD Drives, Laptops, and PayPal etc.) to choose from the ones with the most votes I will raffle off. Again as I am new to blogging I welcome all feedback so feel free to comment and contact me. I will be looking for ideas, money-saving challenges, topics I can interact with my reader about.